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Zauca facility team (security, housekeeping, electrician, plumber…etc) are professional in their appearance and demeanor. They are well-groomed, dressed in a neat and tidy uniform, and polite and courteous to others.


We train our facility management team to be professional, vigilant and aware of their surroundings at all times & keep the environment clean, neat & tidy. They are be able to identify potential threats and respond quickly and effectively.


We make sure that our Facility team are be able to communicate effectively with others, both verbally and in writing. They will able to give clear and concise instructions, and they are educated enough to be able to write anything accurate and in detail.

Physically Fit

Our Security guards & facility management team are in good physical condition as they are required to patrol & clean large areas, and they may need to be able to restrain or apprehend suspects. We train them peridocally to make sure that they continue to stay fit.


Our Security guards & facility executives are police verified and make sure to hire honest and trustworthy employees. They are responsible for protecting people, property, environment and they are 100% able to be relied upon to do their job to the best of their ability. 

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When choosing a security company, it is important to consider both the qualities of the security guards and the qualities of the company itself. By choosing a company with experienced, well-trained, and honest guards, you can be confident that your people and property are protected.


Security Guard Services

Security Guard & Supervisor, Armed security (Gun man), Executive protection, Escort services, Traffic control, Fire men, Cermonial guards (VIP Reception)

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Housekeeping Services

We provide trained and experienced Housekeeping personnels (Male/ Female) with & without Material, Housekeeping supervisor, Maids, Cooks, Nanny.

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Facility & Manpower Service

We also provide skilled manpower in the field of support functions, Administrator, Front office executives (Male & Female).

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About Zauca Security Services

India’s No 1 Security & Facility Service Provider

An Ex-Service man owned private security agency offering security services in India.

We are an ISO & PSARA-2005 Certified | 100% Statutory compliant.

We provide security service for corporate offices, residence, apartment, industries, airport, business, schools & colleges, government organization, clinics & hospitals, manufacturing industry, shopping mall, outlet’s, showrooms, godown, banks & atm’s, factory, commercial purpose.


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Selection & Training

By implementing these security measures, organizations can help to protect from a wide range of threats and ensure the security of their information and resources.

Selection Metrics

Keeping in view the strength and requirement of the job, utmost care is taken while selecting personnel during recruitment of guards. Apart from this, we emphasize more on minimum education, age physical fitness and their antecedents. We believe in molding our front guards to be smart, alert, honest, and punctual. We take care to deploy men from the same vicinity, which avoids breeding. Familiarity with your men from the same vicinity, which avoids breeding familiarity with your men. We study the clients operations, analyze his risks and the history on losses, identify vulnerabilities and weakness and then suggest measure to establish level of security personnel to undertake a basic training course, which impart the mandatory for all our security personnel to undertake a basic training course; which impart the necessary put on job training in selected establishment of our client for a week before deployment.

Training – Process

Training is imparted to every security personal prior to his/her joining duties which includes general discipline, obedience, behavior, telephone attending manners to maintain the registers of incoming and outgoing materials. Further, on job training is also imparted at frequent intervals by our field officers at intervals by our and managers.


To ensure efficient, effective and prompt services to our valued customers as per the commitment, we do conduct frequent day inspection as well as night inspection. We also maintain round the clock control room in our office to meet any eventuality during day and night. We are equipped with sufficient telephones including mobiles to enable the clients to have an easy access to us time of day or night.

Visitor Pass

During the visit of any visitors Security will enquire about their purpose of visit and to whom they want to meet. After confirmation from the person to whom they want to meet entries will be made in the visitor book and visitor pass will be issued before sending them in.

Inward and outward ,Returnable and non- Returnable

Incoming and outgoing materials will be checked quantity wise and entry will be made in respective books along with in time/ out time vehicle no. and address.

Occurrence Book

Security will maintain Occurrence Book and write reports on hourly basis. They also make note of any untoward incidences.

REAL Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We thank you very much for your support in discharging our department functions effectively through the effective and efficient services extended by you in the arrangement of Security Services at our Office at Bangalore.

Komrala Brigade

Zauca Security Service, is running a professional Security Agency providing Security Services to our group of companies spread over various locations in Bangalore, Karnataka and their Service is very good and reliable.

Mr. Surendra
Celebrity Structure India Pvt Ltd

“…Our compliments to your Security team for their honesty and responsibility in handing over a purse found with cash and cards to the concerned staff”

Green finch project pvt ltd
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